11 Jan 11

Sound OTK Spanking For Galas

Another butt blistering from Bun Beating Fun. This time it’s Galas, an overly cool blond, who ends with a decidedly uncool butt after a butt blistering at the hand of Bun Beating Fun.

sound OTK spanking for Galas

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06 Jan 11

Nice Sheets;-)

One thing the Russians have a flair for is curtains and in this case sheets;-) OK, aside from the sheets, that’s a nicely striped ass, the result of a proper caning. The pic is from one of the new free galleries from Her First Punishment.

severe Russian domestic discipline

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24 Dec 10

Russian Butt Welted With Cane

Another severely welted ass from a rel=”external” href=”/partner/russian-discipline” title=”Download high res 60 min. corporal punishment movies!”>Russian Discipline. Those Russian girls certainly take their canings. This poor girl is tied down naked on a bench before her ass is whipped severely.

Russian butt welted with cane

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19 Dec 10

Severe Caning For Misbehaving Girl

The Legend of Lenny The Tough, one of my favorite movies from Lupus Spanking. Tomas Gunsa plays Alois Slim, a.k.a. Lenny the Tough. In this scene from early on in the movie, he spanks and canes his misbehaving daughter Marenka(Vendula Steinova).

severe caning for misbehaving girl

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