Sentenced to be Caned

Irelynn caned bare bottom for cheating

Irelynn is surprised when the caning stops. Then she feels her knickers being pulled roughly down. Tom steps back again and with a resounding 'thwack', the caning resumes. Now Irelynn grimaces with each stroke. She often wonders which she fears more - the fire across her bottom or the horrible 'swish' sound made by the cane. Again Tom stops and this time tells her to completely remove her panties and jeans then resume her position. Switching to his heavy cane, Tom lays the final six strokes evenly across her buttocks. As the final part of her sentence, she is told to kneel on the table with her welted bottom exposed for the next hour.

See below for the full photo story.

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Sentenced to be Caned

Images permission of Girls Boarding School

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"Sentenced to be Caned"

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