Locker Room Canings

Two thieves caned hard

Wynona spots Ms. Law leaving the changing room of the gym without locking her locker. When Ms. Law had gone, Wynona took the opportunity to rummage through her stuff. But Ms. Law remembers her locker is unlocked and returns to find Wynona checking out her purse. Ms. Law gives Wynona an ultimatum, take a caning or be reported to the Principal. Wynona decides that the caning is preferable. Ms. Law stands her against the lockers with her gym skirt raised. She takes a cane and starts to lay on the strokes over Wynona's panties. Then she lowers the panties to continue the caning. She puts the final welts on Wynona's ass as she lays on a bench.

See below for the full photo story.

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Locker Room Canings

Images permission of Real Caning Videos

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"Locker Room Canings"

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