Hairbrush for Prankster

Mischievous brat hairbrushed OTK

Naugty Aileen thinks it's a real cute idea to put a raw egg into one of Alex's shoes. When he puts on his shoes to go out, the inevitable happens. Ailleen hears him cursing and begins to regret her prank. Alex doesn't think her trick is very cute. But he has a trick of his own for Ailleen's cute little butt. He grabs Ailleen and pull the brat over his knee. Taking his trusty hairbrush he begins to lay into her ass with a vengeance. The spanks come hard and fast and soon Ailleen's butt is throbbing. The tears begin to flow and she begs Alex to stop. But Alex has had enough and is determined that this time Ailleen will learn her lesson.

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Hairbrush for Prankster

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