Brat Butts Belted

Two brats gets their naughty butts belted

Heather has a kleptomaniac habit. When her guardian, Demi, comes home from a long hard day, she is really pissed when the neighbor complains about Heather's stealing. She walks into the kitchen and orders Heather over the table saying that she's gonna belt the klepto out of her. Demi starts whaling into Heather's butt with her belt. After several licks she strips down Heather's Levis and starts leathering her over her panties. Now she gets a reaction and Heather starts to squeal and squirm under her belt. For her finale, she pulls down Heather's panties to expose a well redenned butt. But she still has ten more hard licks for Heather.

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Brat Butts Belted

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